While David and I kept busy priming and painting and doing all sorts of things, our contractor made definite progress in our kitchen.  A few weeks ago I ordered IKEA wood butcher block countertops:


Why IKEA wood countertops?  Well first of all, for only $169 per 8 feet of countertop, IKEA will deliver these to your door (although you do have to pay $99 for shipping).  I challenge anyone to find another kind of cute farmhouse-y countertop that is so reasonably priced.  Second of all, I really like how wood countertops look.  Here are some of my inspiration photos (all done using IKEA countertops):


I really think they look great and I can’t get over how affordable they are!  So anyway, we ordered 3 8′ sections from IKEA and they arrived the other day.  (The other bonus to ordering online from IKEA is you only get what you want… not things you see and impulse buy when you’re walking through the store!  Although I did buy a rug online too.  Sigh.  IKEA wins again!)
I wish I could say we were super crafty DIY-ers and installed the countertops ourselves, but seeing as we don’t have the proper equipment, have never done anything similar before, and don’t want to mess this up, we delegated the cutting/ installation to our contractors.  And they did a super job!  Check out the pics below of the untreated wood they just installed in our kitchen:
IMG_1686 IMG_1683
IMG_1682 IMG_1681 IMG_1680
By the way, do you see our eBay farmhouse sink?!  Love! IMG_1679
We are really excited with how they’ve turned out!  After a bunch of online research, I’ve decided not to stain the countertops but to just “seal” them with food-grade mineral oil.  This way they’re not toxic and they won’t change the color but rather saturate it.  Anyway, that’s a whole ‘nother blog post, so stay tuned!!  🙂