Hi all!  Our friends over at Modernize.com (if you haven’t been to their site, worth checking out!) helped me out by writing a very good post about painting.  This is by Jane Blanchard for Modernize!!  Thanks so much Jane.


C2 “Shine” in the family room

Slapping on a brand new color to the exterior or interior of the home is a smart way to liven

up the property without a huge investment. Although your canvas is made of huge walls

just asking for a quick color update, painting your home like a professional is full of intricate

steps. Project preparation often takes longer than the painting process itself. Get the job

done right the first time with a few painting tips.


Don’t Ignore the Cleaning

Paint won’t adhere to dirty surfaces whether it’s interior or exterior areas. Use a power

washer on the exterior of the home to remove the grime while working with a strong bristle

brush and mineral spirits indoors. Clean all surfaces to make the paint last.


It’s a Good Time for Repairs

Is there a crack in the drywall or a stubborn nail sticking out? Now is the time to repair

any areas on or around the paint project. No paint will cover up cracks or imperfections. It

actually accentuates the problems, negating the beauty of the new color.


Caulk is Your Friend

Don’t be afraid to use caulk to fill in moderate wall imperfections. An abandoned nail hole,

for example, is perfectly covered with caulk and paint afterward. Paint doesn’t fill the hole

and usually makes it stand out as an unsightly focal point.


Taping and Tarps

Avoid painting mistakes with tarps generously spread across the floor and tape against the

wall edges. Cover molding and other decorative areas close to the paint area to prevent

accidents. It’s often harder to correct a paint mistake than to avoid one. Straight paint edges

are the goal.


Rollers versus Brushes

Start the paint job by using rollers against the middle of the wall. Paint from the inside out,

but don’t get close to the edges with the roller. Use a sturdy brush to fill in the edges close

to the tape for the cleanest paint appearance.


It’s Hot!

You don’t want to suffer in the hot sun and the paint shouldn’t either. Pull the shades for

interior painting and stick to the shade for exterior applications. Sunlight on the fresh paint

only makes it dry faster and with a poorer quality.


Extend When Possible

When you want to reach that tall ceiling, try to use a roller extension whenever possible.

Painting takes concentration and standing on a ladder is a recipe for possible injury. An

extender allows you to stay firmly on the ground while still reaching tall areas.


Leave Dangerous Areas to the Pros

If you have a three-story home, for instance, painting the exterior is best left to a

professional. They have the tools and safety equipment to reach all areas without problems.

Professionals also have specific skills to apply in these situations. The extra labor paid is

worth the safety you reserve for yourself.


After finishing your work-of-art, be sure to clean all your painting tools for an update in the

next few years. Painting the home is an experience for the entire family, even allowing the

youngsters to try out a wall section if you desire. The newly painted area will look brand

new, providing you with a muse for other home improvements as property value increases.


Benjamin Moore “Heirloom” in the master bedroom