Step 1 for turning the sun room into a back porch was to separate the kitchen from the sun room.  Remember here when we started taking apart the cutesy arch?  We kept taking it apart and discovered it was perfectly cut for French doors!



We decided to add glass paneled French doors to let lots of sunlight in the kitchen.  After a long search at the Habitat Store and normal places like Lowe’s, David and I couldn’t find any doors we liked.  We had pretty high criteria: I wanted real wood doors with glass panels– not the plastic stuff separating the glass panels.   Anything we found with wood dividers was in the thousands of dollars; everything else looked pretty cheap and not becoming for an 1850 home with wood dividing the window panes.

We finally decided to make a ballsy move and order doors online!  We found these exterior hemlock wood French doors from eBay:

french door

At $495 each, they were pretty expensive but I am hopeful they’ll last a good long while.

We ordered them from eBay and they arrived about two weeks later.  We hired a contractor to install them for us and they look great!

DSC_0548 - Version 2


I still need hardware for them but it’s a start!!DSC_0547 - Version 2

Step 1: complete.  Step 2: tearing down the leaking roof– I’m so tired of having puddles of water on the soapstone floor!  🙂