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1,2,3... DEMO

1,2,3… DEMO

Not having any idea what we’re doing, we started taking things apart in the kitchen.  The fluorescent lighting in the ceiling only half-worked anyway, so David tackled that first.  We were shocked with how the fluorescent lighting had been wired: using stereo wires held together with silicone caulk coming out of makeshift outlets coming out...

Let’s Start with the Very Beginning

  The one room of the house that really begs to be changed is the kitchen.  First of all, there’s no fridge and the stovetop doesn’t work.  And secondly, it’s kind of an eyesore.  Fluorescent lights in the ceiling, busy wallpapered  or stained glass cabinet doors, and cracked Corian countertops aren’t exactly my personal aesthetic....

Nice to meet you!

A few weeks ago, my husband, David, and I took the next big in making our dream a reality – we bought a new house!!  It is absolutely amazing and has all the country, Southern charm I always hoped I would one day have in my home, but there is one slight problem… almost every...
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