I just got home from meeting Lesli Devito from My Old Country House and she is even cooler in person than she is online!  (And let’s face it… if you know her blog, you know she’s cool online.)  My friend Heidi invited me to the Earlysville Women’s Club meeting which was over half an hour away from our house but worth the drive where Lesli was the guest speaker.  The club meeting had about 25 women who were all lovely to be around and welcoming to first timers such as myself.  Lesli lives in Greenwood, which is about 20 minutes away from me in the other direction from Earlysville, and bought an old 1870s house that she and her family renovated and are happily living in now.  She started blogging about her painting and then her decorating and then her house and thanks to her style, writing sense, humor, and positive outlook, her blog has spread like wildfire.  I remember reading her blog before David and I moved to Charlottesville to daydream.

Fast forward to the present and we’re living here, blogging about our own farmhouse renovation!  The evening was not only incredibly inspirational (if she can do it, why couldn’t I?) but really informational (a 50 mm lens is really the way to go, huh?).  She passed out the upcoming November edition of Family Circle magazine which features her kitchen renovation– WHICH, by the way, she did for $10,000 (did I say this was inspirational?!).  

I stayed after the meeting and got the chance to speak with Lesli one-on-one, and she gave me some helpful pointers that I’ll start to incorporate into this blog.  Woo hoo!  Can’t wait to see how this is going to all develop and turn out!