A while back I posted about beautiful farmhouses for sale in the Charlottesville area and I thought I’d share some new ones on the market with you!  These are just to-die-for-beautiful.  (No, I’m not being paid by any real estate company to broadcast these– I wish!– but I just like to swoon over pretty farmhouses in the Charlottesville area!)

1. Fosters Branch

fosters branch
The farmhouse above is for sale for only $1,950,000 and gives you a 7,100 square foot home built in 1790 on 25 acres.

fosters branch 2

Doesn’t it just have a classic look to it?  So pretty!fosters branch 3


2.  Whiskey Ridge

whiskey ridge 1

Whiskey Ridge is for sale for $1,595,000 and was built circa 1830.  It sits on 83 acres– wowsers– and is 3,700 square feet.  Not too bad!whiskey ridge 2

This house has a lot of “quirk” to it.  I like quirk!whiskey ridge 3

3. Merrie Mills

merrie mill

This gorgeous house was built around 1860 and has a hefty price tag of $4,950,000!  It sure is beautiful, though–

merrie mills 2

It has a lot of detail and a looot of living space, as you can see from the photo below (and the fact it’s on 407 acres!!!!).  There’s something about a white house with dark shutters and a nice green lawn that is so pretty to me!  merrie mills 3

Don’t these houses just get you daydreaming?  (Or is it just me…)