I love the look of plate racks in a farmhouse kitchen…

(All photos courtesy of Houzz) 
I think they add so much charm and they’re functional, too!  So we decided to use one of the existing upper cabinets in our kitchen and turn it into a plate rack.
Behold, the sanded upper cabinet below (it’s just to the left of the sink):

Plate Rack 1We painted beadboard and installed it as the backsplash and ALSO on the back wall of the upper cabinet.  Then we dug out our plates from a myriad of boxes and measured– the dinner plates are 11″ and the smaller ones are 9″(our samples are behind the sink in the pic above).  The height of the upper cabinet (from inside to inside) was 33″ and we had to account for the shelves in there too.  We decided we could fit 3 rows– dinner plates could fit on the top and bottom rows and smaller ones in between.  Then our awesome carpenter cut the wood to the right measurements for us (and of course that became Russell Green as well).

I wish had some more pictures of the installation process but we experienced some technical difficulties throughout and I just wanted to get it done.  Our carpenter did all of the installing himself– he drilled the holes and glued the wood dowels in– we just let it set for 48 hours without touching it and then got to sanding and painting (story of our life right now).  But look how it turned out!  (Better pictures coming later I promise!)

Plate Rack 2