Last year I was out of town for 2 weeks in December on a business trip; this year I’m practically bedridden due to two fractured heels.  Nonetheless, the show must go on and that can’t stop Christmas from coming.  It will come without ribbons!  It will come without tags!  It will come without packages, ribbons or bags!

We bought 5 fake greenery Christmas wreaths (for $7 each!  Score!) from David’s colleague and my stepfather hung them for us on the 5 windows on the front of the house.  Aren’t they pretty?!




The wreath on the front door is a real one… I love that smell every time I go in and out.  Speaking of going in and out, the podiatrist ok’ed me yesterday to start walking again!  I still have to wear my boots for two more weeks and I’m not supposed to carry anything, but the fractures are just about healed if not already healed and everything looks really good.  Best Christmas present!