When we first moved in, as our photographer Claire Pieron so aptly captured, the growth along either side of our driveway was pretty thick:

Lots of stuff going on, right?


We have since spent a LOT of time clearing out bushes, trees, and vines from this area.  We did a lot last fall (resulting in some pretty nasty poison ivy for me); this is how it was looking by spring:




Well the weekend before last, David’s sister and brother-in-law Larry were visiting, and David and Larry tackled some more of the overgrowth.  They cut down five trees and a ton of crazy holly bushes tangled in vines that were so daunting.  I snapped these while they were in the middle of working:DSC_0315

I posed next to some of the trees they cut down (but don’t worry, I didn’t actually use the chainsaw 9 months pregnant!)…

photo (5)

Below is a picture of Larry literally chainsawing the vines while they collapsed on top of him!!  Talk about determination!DSC_0320

The vines were so tangled they had even woven themselves into the surrounding trees:


I was super impressed with how much they were able to do in one afternoon…


And…. drum roll please… look how awesome it is cleared out afterwards!


Here’s the other angle– to the left of the brick column there used to be three small evergreen trees– now they’re gone!– and to the right were tons of bushes, vines, and a few other small trees.


I love driving up to the house now.  It’s not done yet, but the progress is so motivating!!!