The floor in the little brick outbuilding is done and we’ve moved everything into David’s new office!DSC_0306

I don’t know who’s more excited… David, for having a place he can work from home, or me, for having a place to put David’s crocodile head and Claymore sword.  (After we got married, we had some serious discussions on his decor… he sacrificed the huge black leather bachelor recliner but he got to keep his crocodile head and sword.)


His desk is in the corner of the room.  I love that it’s his childhood desk.  DSC_0325
We put up a shelf that we brought with us from Alexandria and never knew what to do with… it’s Pottery Barn and the previous owners of our townhouse used it under their tv.  We had it in the attic for years and finally found a way to utilize it!

Opposite his desk are two amazingly comfortable chairs and ottomans:


Flanked by the Palmetto State flag and our filing cabinet, they are a perfect addition to this room, upping the cosiness factor by 1000%.


The chairs and ottomans have a perfect view of David’s favorite piece of art that just didn’t ever seem to get hung in our house… a James Bond print from Thunderball, one of his favorite movies ever.


There are a few sentimental pieces of art we hung behind the door.  Again, not particularly things we want on display in our house, but things that have meaning to us and especially David.



David has loved working in his new office space so far, and the heated floors seriously do a fantastic job.  It’s great that he can be “home” without having the distractions of being “home.”  We are happy campers over here in Charlottesville! 🙂