Well, it’s been 2.5 months since Wilson was born and I feel like I’m slowly coming out of that newborn foggy haziness phase… there’s a light at the end of the tunnel that one day I’ll sleep again, and maybe one day we’ll even do more work on the farmhouse.  Maybe.  Right now that seems like asking too much… but I can at least share with you the completed bathroom for Evie and Wilson!

If you’ll recall, we started out with no bathroom for the kids at all.  This was our existing floor plan upstairs:


The bedroom in the upper lefthand corner is the master bedroom.  The bottom righthand bedroom is Evie’s room, and it led into a big laundry/ storage room that we decided to convert into a hallway and bathroom for her and Wilson to share!

As you can see from the architect’s sketch above, one day we hope to turn the roof of the back porch into a balcony.  That’s far from the top of our priority list though, haha, so we’ll see if that ever actually happens!  A girl can dream, though…

Anyway, here and here are links to blog posts I wrote about progress in the bathroom, and now for the great unveiling of how it all turned out!

The mural from Anthropologie turned out great!  Love the Kohler Brockway sink painted in Parisian Red right next to it.

We painted a laundry hamper Parisian Red too (color matched it at Lowe’s in chalkboard finish, suh-weet!) to match.

And the sliding door from the tub/ toilet to the sink area is one of my favorites!  It freed up a lot of needed space.

We also opted for a more farmhouse-y trim for the doors and windows and carried this throughout the bathroom and new hallway.

Here’s a view from the tub/ toilet area to the sink area.

It’s small– not much extra room in here– but it works!

As I mentioned before, the toilet is a baby sized one (it’s actually adorable) that we bought at a builder’s auction a few years back.  It has the same fittings as a regular toilet so once we need to upgrade it, we can pretty easily.  (And be “we can,” I mean, “David can.”)

Last but not least, my sweet sister-in-law Ansley gave us the cutest wall hooks for Evie and Wilson to hang their towels.  I think she found them at Anthropologie also.

Aren’t these the cutest?  David hung them low enough that Evie and easily hang her own towel up– a big deal for a two year old, as all of you with toddlers can attest to– and I love the little custom touch it gives the space.

We’ve come a long way, baby, but we’ve finally got our finished bathroom!

Evie loves it (I had to include that sweet photo of her “helping” when construction was still going on) and I’ve got to say I love taking baths in that clawfoot tub myself.  So luxurious and yet so simple… it’s perfect.