Folks, I finally can share our fully finished, newly renovated kitchen!!  I’m so excited to share the results of how our new fireplace and new floor turned out!

2015-05-22 15.39.02

We got a laminate floor from Habitat for Humanity of all places that cost us less than $2/ square foot.  Best part about the floors: the price!  I also love how it happens to coordinate with the countertops but isn’t the exact same… more complementary than matchy-matchy.  (Almost like I planned it that way!)2015-05-22 15.39.34

I wanted a kitchen floor that would withstand two huge and crazy dogs plus be safe for a toddler to run around on… something I wouldn’t worry about spilling/ staining, and most importantly: something that would hide dirt fairly well!  🙂  Can I get an Amen from all you mamas out there who know what I’m talking about?2015-05-22 15.50.31

If you look closely you can see the [unlocked, oops] child safety locks on the bottoms cabinets, haha.2015-05-22 15.37.51

2015-05-22 15.37.14

And check out the finished fireplace!  You may remember it used to be stone and had a large hearth.  We paneled over it and put in an electric fireplace so that it still emits heat but is kid-friendly (not hot to the touch, plus no propane switch to worry about) and not dirty (no logs sitting around).  It operates via remote control.2015-03-30 15.28.41

Here it is, on:2015-03-30 15.33.48

Now as for the light fixtures– I really wanted the ones from Pottery Barn.

lighting (pottery barn) for kitchen

But it was a bit too pricey… so we settled on another version!

And I can’t tell the difference.  I personally think this lantern is just fine and works great in our kitchen.2015-03-30 15.29.05
2015-03-30 15.31.31

2015-03-30 15.33.21

I like the “ambiance” created by the “fire” when it’s turned on.
2015-03-30 15.34.14

Here’s our little bar area which now doubles as a place for baby bottles, etc.

2015-03-30 15.34.51

So glad to be able to finally share our finished product!  We’ve come a long way.  🙂


BEFORE: 2013

Original Kitchen

BEFORE: 2013