Pardon the interruption in blog posts… sick baby = blog is not the highest priority.  Evie’s not sleeping through the night anymore and it makes it tricky for us! Anyway, here’s where we left off with the fireplace remodel in our kitchen:

Allow me to blow your mind with how we’ve started to transform it!

We had the stone ledge removed and covered the whole thing with MDF board.  I wouldn’t have done this if we were intending on using the fireplace as a real one (aka with logs that you light on fire); however, this chimney is in really really bad condition and the estimate to get it up to code was well over $500 so– with three other fireplaces on the first floor alone– David and I decided this one would not be used as a real wood-burning fireplace.  The kitchen is heated now with the mini-split and the area right next to the fireplace will soon have a table and chairs, so it would be too hot to have a real fire going and sit there as well.  DSC_0387


For my inspiration on other fireplace flips, check out this post by remodalohic.  DSC_0389

(Side note– also finally covering the exposed ceiling… about time.)DSC_0390


The next step was to start adding some moulding to make the fireplace look more traditional:DSC_0392

Here it is from the side:DSC_0394


And next is adding the mantle, made using crown moulding pieces I picked out at Lowe’s:DSC_0524


Looking good isn’t it?DSC_0525


I’ll save the “final” picture for after we have it all painted and the floor installed.  I’m pleased with how it’s turning out!