TONIGHT, tonight, tonight: David and I are going to be appearing on our very own episode of HGTV’s House Hunters!!!

Here’s the link to the episode on HGTV’s website:


Don’t have time for the link?  Here’s the recap of it:

Young Couple Trades DC Lifestyle for Slow Paced Charlottesville

Episode HNT-8509H

David and Lynne are tired of the fast paced DC lifestyle and have decided to move to the country, relocating 2 hours south to Charlottesville, Virginia. However, they can’t quite agree on what type of place to get. David wants a newer, move-in ready home in town, but Lynne wants an old farmhouse in the country on several acres. Will these city folk find their country dream, or be left out in the sticks?


We are super excited.  We got on the show after our friends, Gus and Rachel, did an episode in DC and filmed a tiny part of it at our townhouse while Gus and David brewed beer together.  We mentioned to the director we were looking to move to Charlottesville in the near future, and he told us to shoot him an email… we didn’t even need to really apply!  We filmed the first time over Memorial Day weekend (it took 4 days of filming), then another weekend in June and the last time in September.  (By September we were living in our house and did the happily-ever-after part of the show.)

FAQ when I tell people I’m on House Hunters:

1.  Is it fake?

Yes, partly.  But I will say when we started filming we legitimately were house hunting.

2.  Did you really only look at 3 houses?

No, we looked at a ton more.  Mostly online.

3.  Do they pay you?

Not really.  We got $500 for 3 full weekends worth of shooting.  My little brother, JW, was a production assistant and made more than that each weekend he helped shoot!

4.  Did they do your hair and make-up?

No– in fact I wasn’t allowed to get professional help with either.  (Although one day I got my hair cut before we started shooting so it had a professional blow out.)

If you’re in the Charlottesville area, come to Maya tonight at 10 PM to watch the episode live with us!!  (It’s where we filmed the decision making discussion for the episode.)  Can’t wait!!!