So now that the Master Bathroom is done (YIPPEE!), I will focus our attention on the kids’ bathroom, which was carved out of the old laundry room area.  The contractors convinced us to do both bathrooms at once because it would be cheaper that way, except for the tub I ordered for the kids’ bathroom got lost in shipping and took an extra 2 weeks to arrive and by then they had to start on another project, so they didn’t come back around to do the kids’ bathroom for about 2 more months (isn’t that always how it goes, sigh).  But at least they did come back and work on it.
Soooo in the meantime, let me share my inspiration for the bathroom for our kids!
Eclectic Bathroom
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Kohler Brockway sink.  It’s the above sink that looks old school and has multiple faucets (for multiple kids sharing a bath, too cute!).
I should mention that although this bathroom right now will only really service Evie’s bedroom, one day (good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise) when we have a bunch of kids– either our own biological kids or foster kids, we plan on Evie sharing her room, and we also may do an addition for another bedroom upstairs that would share this bathroom too.  So hopefully at least 2 children will have this bathroom in the future!
I also love subway tiles on the wall with dark gray grout.
Modern farmhouse
It goes with the kind of antiquey look the sink brings, but it’s also modern.
I’m also really digging the fake wood tile floor with the Brockway sink.  The two little steps for the sink just look adorable when they’re set on that flooring and it almost creates a homey, softer atmosphere for a bathroom.
Since this bathroom is going to be designed around kids, I want to incorporate something really FUN… I want to do some kind of a mural on the walls.
Precious London
How cool is that mural?  Or this one:
Knot On Call
Obviously, we don’t live in a beach house so that wouldn’t work for us, but I think it’s just really cool for a kids’ bathroom.
I love this too:
C - New York with a View of Central Park
I know murals are crazy expensive to commission, and I sure as heck am lacking the required skills to do something that cool, so we’ll figure out a way to get this look without actually having a real mural… somehow.  🙂  Please share your ideas if you have any good ones!