I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what color to paint our master bedroom.



At first I thought a relaxing, calming blue (that mimicked the calm Blue Ridge Mountains outside the window) would be perfect.  David and I picked up a sample of Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Gray and painted a splotch on the walls.  Within five minutes I absolutely hated it.  It reminded me of the cold, unbearable winter where we didn’t have heat in most of the rooms of our house and I couldn’t stand thinking about being that cold again.

(Here’s a link to a Wickham Gray bedroom just to get the coolness across.)

I changed course instantly and decided I wanted a warm feeling– the opposite of cold and calm– to always feel comfortable in my bedroom.  We started thinking differently for inspiration.



Here are two pictures of the sunset from our master bedroom at different times of the year and different parts of the sunset itself.

When David and I first moved in last summer, we would frequently grab a bottle of wine and head upstairs to watch the sunset from our bedroom.  It was such an unbelievably happy time in my life– I’m sure we’ll do it again one day, but being pregnant and soon being parents has changed the dynamic a little bit.  We still watch the sunset but not with the same carefree attitude that comes with splitting a bottle of wine, especially on a work night. 🙂DSC_0383


Anyway, I digress.  Our bedspread/ pillows and bedside tables already have the dark blue (of the mountains); I started thinking– why not incorporate the pink into our room too?

My first thought was David would never go for a pink bedroom.  And frankly, I don’t really like girly girl pink either.  Then I started doing a bit of online research and found that you don’t have to make pink girly girl.  As one blogger states, “[dark blue and pink are] just the right balance between masculine and feminine if you ask me.”  I think I agree!  

Here is an inspirational photo I found on Houzz:


Doesn’t it do a good job of not looking overly feminine?  I’m not sure what shade of pink yet– I’ll leave that to my lovely aunties who are so good with color– but if I can convince David that it wouldn’t be particularly girly girl, I think we’ll try painting the walls pink!