This Thursday I decided to share with y’all some inspirational bloggers in my life.  I’ve only ever met (face-to-face) one of them before, Lesli from, but these other bloggers inspired me to 1) start renovating a farmhouse with David despite neither of us knowing what the heck we’re doing, and 2) to share our progress (or sometimes lack thereof) with y’all in the form of a blog.

So here are some great blogs– in no particular order:

1.  House of Hepworths:

This is a great blog because the family strictly subscribes to Dave Ramsey’s plan of being debt free, which is something David and I believe in after taking a course called Financial Peace University (developed by Dave Ramsey) in 2012.  It’s so easy to get caught up in “mission creep” with a farmhouse that has as many potential projects as ours, but we’re on a very tight budget, and hey– we’ve paid off $40k of my student loans in just over a year as a result.  I’m always amazed at House of Hepworths for doing so much on such a tight budget as well.

2.  A Country Farmhouse:

This blogger did such a fantastic job renovating and decorating her farmhouse that she got offered a job as a contributing editor for Country Living magazine!  And to top it off, she and her husband started renovating their farmhouse, had twins (!), and kept on going!  She’s a good motivator whenever I wonder how I’m ever going to get everything done– sometimes, simplicity is the best (and easiest) solution.

3.  The Lettered Cottage:

One of the first blogs I started following way back when, this couple’s creativity always, always amazes me.  They are able to look at any hurdle and see an awesome result just waiting to happen.  (Case in point: this fireplace.)  In addition, they’re in the middle of adopting a child from Haiti and share about their adoption experiences… something I’d ever really known about in such detail.  I think they’re a really great couple because they’re not afraid to be totally open on their blog about their struggles or personal achievements (even if it’s something like a closer relationship with God).

4.  Hooked on Houses:

My aunt shared this blog with me and boy does she know me well: what a great (and thought-provoking) idea for a blog!  All the blogger does is share pictures of interesting houses from around the country, such as this MacKenzie-Childs house in New York or the house from the TV show Revenge.  This blog made me realize that while it may not be exactly normal, I’m not alone in my obsession of houses!

5.  Young House Love:

Of course, the end-all be-all of DIY home renovation and decoration blogs: Young House Love, by John and Sherry.  This couple over in Richmond took their blog to such a high level that they both quit their jobs to work on it full-time, then had a baby and now they’re expecting their second.  They’ve published a book, started a home lighting company, and even have their own paint colors at Benjamin Moore, and are working on building a house they designed for Habitat for Humanity.  Basically– they are the real pros when it comes to this field.  David and I could never take our blog that far but they’re definitely an inspiration nonetheless!