For this Thursday’s post about something that inspires me, I’ll share what my friend Heidi and then my friend Claire shared with me (great minds think alike!): the story of a family featured in the Huffington Post who renovated their historic farmhouse in only 6 months!  Check out the article via the above link.

The Hatmaker family has 5 kids and managed to renovate a 105 year old house while staying sane!  Don’t know if I could accomplish such a feat.  (I’m barely sane with no kids yet trying to renovate our farmhouse!)


In reading the interview, I LOVED this part because I related instantly and so much:

Anything particularly interesting that you’ve uncovered during the renovation?

Our favorite finds were the original ceilings under the popcorn — beautiful, gorgeous long leaf pine planks. We almost died of joy. They are stunning. I stare at them every single day. We also found many dead rodents, but those were less fun.

Isn’t that cool?  It reminded me of when we discovered our fluorescent lighting in the kitchen was disguising beautiful old beams.  (And we have also come across our share of dead rodents too.  Or just tons and tons and tons of rodent droppings.  Don’t worry, those haven’t made the blog in the past and they won’t in the future either.)

Here’s a picture of their cute kitchen:


The other part I could definitely relate to was less exciting:

What were the biggest challenges you faced in completing the overhaul?
Two main challenges, both related to living in the house during the renovation because we are psychos: First, we had no heat the entire winter. The house was freezing. There was nowhere to get warm. We were basically cold for months. We piled under blankets and plugged in every sort of space heater and never took off our sweatshirts, but we still endured mild hypothermia every single second. […]

Our kitchen got so cold this past winter that the fridge sweated.  Think about it: the inside of the fridge was warmer than the outside.  We had baseboard heating in the family room that worked, thank goodness, and in our master bedroom too.  When guests came over (no joke), instead of offering to take their coat, we would offer them a scarf or extra coat to put on.  It didn’t help that this winter was one for the record books in both duration and temperatures.  And, like Mrs. Hatmaker, I think we have to be somewhat psycho too to live in a house while you are renovating it completely!

Take a peek at their bathroom:


I think that’s an amazing bathroom.  LOVE the raw plumbing and the vessel sink on top of the distressed furniture.  So cool!  The paint color they chose is awesome too– looks beautiful against the white trim/ accents.

Anyway, they have a show on HGTV that premieres tonight at 11 pm!  We don’t have cable, but you should check it out!