I know it’s been a while since I did my weekly inspirational blog posts on Thursdays but no better time than the present to start them again!

This week I thought I’d share an article from Architectural Digest.  It can be found here.

locke farmhouse1


This 1816 farmhouse is apparently in the Shenandoah Valley and owned by Elizabeth Locke, a jewelry designer.  If her jewelry is as classy as her house– oof our bank account is in trouble!!  Isn’t the garden above just gooorgeous?!  Love her use of retaining walls and boxwoods.

The interior of the house is what really inspires me.  Check out her living room:locke farmhouse 2


This is a very similar yellow to the C2 “Shine” in our family room.  Here’s an excerpt from the article that I just love:

It was certainly a different moment when Locke declared, in a 1997 House & Garden article, that “gray is my favorite color for a room.” Her then very French and very gray living room was impossibly elegant but rarely used. “It became a family joke. You could put a full tin of caviar on the table and people would just peer in and walk on by,” she says of the space. This time around, Alison Martin, a Virginia-based interior designer who has worked with Locke for the past 20 years, revved up the look by painting the walls in alternating stripes of flat and glossy yellow. “I’m pleased to report,” says Locke, “that people actually come in now and throw themselves on the sofa, just as Alison promised they would.”

That is my sentiment exactly.  Right now the trend in interior design is gray (or “greige”) walls, dark wood floors, and black accents (ie black kitchen cabinets).  When I was deciding the colors I wanted to have in our home, I was tempted to go with the safe bet of coordinating gray neutrals.   After reading this Architectural Digest article and seeing the bold yellow in a Virginia farmhouse living room, I am SO glad I followed my gut and went with a conversation-stimulating-makes-you-smile yellow!  (Also love how she used the same color and striped it using different finishes!)

Next room that inspires me– her library.


locke farmhouse 4

I am drooling at this green paint– apparently it’s Benjamin Moore’s “Van Alen Green.”  This is JUST the look I want for our dining room one day… a deep, rich green that is formal enough for holiday dinners and energetic enough for family birthdays.

Last but certainly not least we have the kitchen.  The heart of the house.  The gathering spot.  I thought her kitchen was an interesting change from the other two rooms with regard to paint color.  (The hallways of the house do appear to be painted the same color as the kitchen.)  This green-gray is much more neutral and calm… and yet it seems to work!

locke farmhouse 3
Overall I find her farmhouse beautiful and love how it has so much personality without deviating from Virginia elegance.  Hats off to you, Ms. Locke!