My friend Lizzie sent me a link to the most amazing farmhouse renovation:

It’s from the magazine Garden & Gun, which has become one of my favorites recently.  I love the opening sentence of this article:

When Bob Doyle and Alex von Hoffmann signed the deed on a century farm in middle Tennessee, they faced a dilemma familiar to any steward of history: how to live in the present without desecrating the past.


courtesy of Garden & Gun

Their farmhouse was built in 1855 (just five years younger than ours!) and has such a stately feel to it– I would be intimidated to take on such a big renovation if I were the couple that bought it.  Fortunately for the house and for them, it seems like they weren’t on a very strict budget because they were able to hire contractors to do all of the work AND add a huge addition to the back.


courtesy of Garden & Gun

The addition is very contemporary, which is not my style, but it flows well into the rest of the house.  I love how they kept a metal roof throughout.


courtesy of Garden & Gun

The homeowners kept the walls “naked” in one room to showcase the beauty of the old studs.  I think that while that’s a great idea, I personally would rather have walls, but I admire their pride in every detail of the old house that gives it so much character.


courtesy of Garden & Gun

How cool is this?!  I am definitely wanting a bookshelf to reveal a secret room now… hmmm… wonder how I’ll make this one happen!