Last fall we went to what will surely become an annual tradition: apple picking at Carter Mountain Orchard!  We met up with our good friends there and had an awesome time.

aerial view of carter mountain

Aerial View of Carter Mountain Orchard

They have hundreds of acres of things growing for you to pick– not just apples.  You can pick pumpkins, peaches, pears, and other fruits when they’re in season.  So much fun!  The views of the Blue Ridge aren’t bad either.

After we got home, we realized that you don’t have to be Carter Mountain to have an orchard… anyone can do it, so why shouldn’t we?  I forgot about it until Christmas, when David surprised me with an Elephant Heart Plum tree!!  I think it was on clearance at a local nursery, what with it being Christmas time and all, but David got it and we set it in our compost pile to keep warm for the winter until the ground thawed and we could plant it.  He told me he wanted to start a tradition together of every year planting a new fruit tree for our own little orchard.


Here’s a pic of our beautiful plum tree just hanging out in the compost bin.



This picture was taken back in January, and we just recently were able to plant it!  I’ll share our experiences about that in a later blog post.  🙂  All thanks to the awesome-ness that is Carter Mountain Orchard!