I decided I’m going to start posting once a week about something that inspires me… and since today is Thursday, I guess it will be every Thursday!

This week I’m writing from Kansas City and wishing I were back in Charlottesville with warmer weather.  I thought I’d see what all was going on around Charlottesville (I guess I’m a bit homesick) and thought I’d check out the real estate market– and boy are there some gems on the market right now!

This one is in Esmont, Virginia for $3,995,000:

esmontThis one is in Greenwood, Virginia for $7,450,000:

greenwoodThis is in Kents Store, Virginia for $965,000:

kents store

This one is in Keswick, Virginia for $11,750,000:



And this is in Gordonsville for $3,300,000:gordonsville


Those houses are all absolutely gorgeous and I know our farmhouse has the bones, history, and potential to be in the same category one day.

I noticed all of the houses above shared some similar characteristics: there’s a lot of greenery in the form of mature trees and boxwoods, the shutters to all the windows are dark green/ dark gray/ black in color, they all have metal roofs (best I can tell), each house has multiple chimneys peeking out from the roofline, and they all have a front porch or at least front stoop.  Interesting to keep in mind as we continue on with our own renovations!