Last Thursday I didn’t post anything inspirational because right after work, David and I left town and went to Williamsburg for a nice long weekend!  Friends of ours, Mike and Julia, invited us to have a couples weekend getaway and it was seriously amazing.  Just the kind of TLC we needed.


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While we were there, we couldn’t help but notice all of the amazing colonial architecture.  (BTW: visiting Williamsburg in the off-season is good in that you can see all the buildings without crowds in the way!  But we only saw two guys in tri-cornered hats.  Boo.)  In particular, I loved looking at beautiful front doors of houses!  Here are some of my favorites:

photo 1 photo 2Don’t those just evoke Virginian hospitality?

I love the use of glass around the doors.   I think it adds such a beautiful and welcoming touch.  Unfortunately those were the only two photos we retained (technical difficulty) but I got these online and think I remember seeing them:

Colonial Cronies

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Christmas Door Tarpleys

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Have you ever been to Williamsburg?  It was David’s first time and we really had an awesome weekend away from our house playing tourist.  I highly recommend going if you haven’t already!