If you’ve ever visited Charlottesville, chances are you’ve gone to the estate of President Thomas Jefferson: Monticello.  I had the pleasure of touring Monticello (for the first time ever– such a disgraceful Virginian I am!) last November with my family and fell in love with the beautiful restored gardens.


Easy on the eyes, isn’t it?

Now I know our little 5 acres– and lack of professional gardeners– could never boast the garden status of something as magnificent as Monticello, but TJ sure did know what he was doing when he designed such beautiful gardens!  According to Monticello’s website, he grew 250 varieties of over 70 species of vegetables!  Could you imagine trying to even keep track of all that?

David and I hope to start our own vegetable garden this year and I’m getting excited to grow our own food.  I’m not going to shoot for over 70 species of vegetables but I do hope to grow a nice variety… what would you recommend?  If you could plant any kind of vegetable, what would you plant?  I’d love suggestions for even more inspiration!