We are in preparation for Baby #2 (although let’s be honest, poor second babies don’t get nearly the attention of first babies, even in utero) and I thought I’d take a few minutes to share how the kids’ bathroom is coming along!

First of all– we have a cool new heated floor installed.  Just like the heated floor in our little brick building and in our master bathroom, we decided to make this one heated too.  That was actually a last-minute call reversal… originally we thought “eh, it’s a room for the kids, not us, why splurge?” but then we realized the room didn’t have much heating (only one little vent from the ceiling) and thought about the struggles we already face with getting Evie out of the bath, and though it might be worth the investment to make being in that room better for the kids.


It’s a cool tile made to look like old reclaimed wood– I love the character it brings.


After the floors were installed, the contractors quickly put in the new clawfoot tub (AHHHHH!) and tile surround for the shower:


The tub is painted Parisian red by Benjamin Moore (we ordered it from Vintage Tub & Bath and they painted it at the factory for us!) and I. am. obsessed.  I just love it.  It’s an unexpected pop of color in a bathroom, and it’s such a beautiful color.  And something about a clawfoot tub makes the house feel more established– classic, perhaps?


To coordinate with the tub, the good folks at Sarisand Tile in Charlottesville helped me pick out a small red tile border to accent the walls.  It’s just a little touch of red in an otherwise all-white space, so I like that it adds something without being overwhelmingly colorful.  We chose the absolute cheapest white subway tiles they have for the walls, because we spent a lot of money on basically everything else in the bathroom.

After a lot of research, we ordered a shower faucet from Delta that attaches to a slide bar for $164:


As the kids get older they can adjust it to be higher on the wall, plus it allows us the flexibility of taking it entirely off the wall to use in the tub if necessary.

Next to the tub/ shower we had a little cupboard built into the wall (above where the toilet will go) because this bathroom doesn’t have much storage.


It actually goes pretty deeply into the wall, which is nice– the kids will have no problem fitting shampoo bottles or whatever stuff they need to in there.


By the way, here’s a view from that window– just trees and grass with a hint of the mountains in the background.  Come wintertime that view will be just gorgeous.  🙂


Anyway, next time I will share the cool new sink with you, because it really is cool, but gotta run today!