I can’t believe I’m actually able to write a blog post on this because it doesn’t seem real… we just got piglets!  2 piglets!  2 Kune Kune piglets, to be exact!

Welcome to the family, Tinkerbell and Mr. Smee!

On Saturday, David and the kids and I drove to a Kune Kune pig breeder farm south of Richmond (Virginia Kune Kunes) and picked up the two newest additions to our little crazy family, a little black and white girl piglet who now goes by Tinkerbell, and a little orange boy piglet who now goes by Mr. Smee.

(By the way, if you’re ever transporting pigs in the back of your car on an 85 degree day, I highly recommend you check to make sure either the windows of your car can go down OR that the air conditioning can blast out cold air.  Praise the Lord we had a working sun roof that could at least give us some fresh air and ventilation, because those little piggies are NOT potty trained.)

Later this week I’ll share how David and I put up fencing for the pigs, but long story short we sectioned off a side field that we hadn’t been using for anything– it’s about 1/3 of an acre I think?– and designated that their home.  David also built a little pig shelter for them which I’ll blog about too at some point!

Now comes the question you’re all probably wondering… um, why on earth did you get these pigs?  The answer is as soon as I heard about this particular breed of pig called Kune Kune I was smitten.  I don’t particularly love pigs and I don’t love the big ones that smell or anything like that.  I didn’t grow up aspiring to own my own Wilbur.  But Kune Kunes are different.  For starters, they don’t root.  They graze on grass and don’t turn it all into mud.  They don’t really get to be taller than your knees, so they aren’t scarily large like some pigs can be.  And they have hair!  And spots like cows!  Could they be any more adorable?

What really sold me on Kune Kunes was learning about their personality.  They are kind of like dogs and love people!  They’re very sweet and adore getting pets.  They don’t bite and they don’t test the fencing they’re in… they seem perfectly content with their life.  Both of our kids have given them lots of pets already in the three days we’ve had them and they are incredibly gentle.  Wilson accidentally fell onto Mr. Smee as he was walking past him and Mr. Smee didn’t mind in the least.

They seem to love all the fruits we’ve given them although they’re still to small to eat them unless we cut it up (adorable).  Evie’s been in charge of getting them fresh water, a responsibility she takes seriously so far.

(Below you can see Tink & Mr. Smee cuddling while they nap together in the sun.  Precious!)

So now we’re like a farm, right?  2 dogs, a cat, 4 chickens, and 2 pigs… pretty sure that’s legit.  <3  And before you ask, no, we are not going to eat the pigs.  (I mean, they have names now…)  And no, we’re not going to breed them.  Mr. Smee was neutered last week.  They’re not related but they were born about 3 weeks apart so they were raised together and you can see how close they are.  They aren’t afraid of the dogs even though Riesling has seemingly barked at them nonstop since their arrival.  Kaiser thinks they’re playmates and runs along his side of the fence trying to engage them in play but they’re more interested in eating grass so far.

So there we have it, folks!  We welcome any and all pig owner advice… we have no idea what we’re doing, but we’re sure busy doing it!