Remember when we cut a hole in the wall for a door going from the nursery to the current laundry room?DSC_0321(Eventually, this will lead to an en suite bathroom, but for the time being, we just wanted the door cut and dust over with before baby comes.)

DSC_0520 - Version 2


We picked up an antique door from Habitat for Humanity and it worked out well.  The only issue is there’s something like a 2.5 foot gap from the nursery to the laundry room– quite the step up or down, and not particularly safe.

So, using his grandfather’s circular saw (talk about a nice legacy!), David set about making a step!

DSC_0362We don’t have the most sophisticated equipment here, but we make do with what we do have!

DSC_0364After he measured and cut the wood, he set about making them into a box for the step!



As a spectator, the whole thing was pretty easy!  🙂DSC_0348



After he made basically an open-sided box, we tested it out and stepped on it.  It was really sturdy!DSC_0349


But just to be safe, he added an extra plank of wood underneath to support the top.



Ta da!  There it is in position!  We haven’t secured it yet– before we do, my question is (to anyone with experience doing this before, which is clearly not us): would you do anything else before you secure it?  (Add more support?  Paint it for aesthetics?  Add a tread or something to it now?)  Otherwise we’ll just go ahead and bolt it in for now!