It’s days like these that I realize how blessed I am.

Two of my aunties came over and spent the night.  In just over 24 hours, with the help of my mom who was here most of that time, they organized our study (aka “clutter room”), organized/ cleaned our dining room, took off the wallpaper border (on top and bottom of the walls) in the guest bedroom, and painted, cleaned, organized, and put back together the master bedroom.


The four of us ladies spent a few hours agonizing over what color to paint the master bedroom.  It came down to two colors, so we bought samples of each and painted 8.5″ x 11″ pieces of paper and held the papers up at various places throughout the room.  Then we thought we should mix the colors and tried our own homemade sample of that.  At the end, the lighter of the two (or three) shades won: Benjamin Moore’s heirloom.


So…. drumroll… the “after” photos:



Below is a picture of the dresser with the lights on.  Look how warm the pink is!DSC_0352

Same photo with the lights off– maybe a minute difference in time– the pink has totally changed colors and is now much calmer.


Love this little corner!  Can’t wait to decorate it with wall art, window dressings, etc.


I just snapped this a few minutes ago: the sunset matches the walls PERFECTLY.


This was only one coat of paint but frankly I think it looks great!  Love watching the sunsets even more now 🙂