As you walk up the front walkway to our house, the two-story front porch greets you, and if you walk along the porch, there’s a beautiful (albeit a bit overgrown) brick walkway that leads to the sweetest little brick outbuilding.
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I love the picture above Claire Pieron took back before we moved in.  Sadly, since then we took down a lot of the vegetation around the little brick outbuilding because it was being smothered in poison ivy/ poison oak.  (We got two Christmas trees out of its surroundings, though!)

Since we moved in, we ignored this sweet little building because we didn’t have a use for its space and we had other relatively pressing issues to think about.  But recently, David quit his corporate job to become an entrepreneur (go, David, go!) and working from our kitchen table just wasn’t cutting it.  So we decided to make the little brick outbuilding into his office!

Here’s what it looks like now, in the dead of winter:

2015-12-19 05.42.13

The outside: super cute, needs landscaping and decorating but will be adorable again in the near future.

The inside: Cedar walls (love!), tons of screws and nails and shelves drilled into the cedar (boooo!), and the floor… I have spent hours going through all of my house photos and can’t find the ones that show what the floor used to look like in there, but basically– you’ve got to take my word for the fact it was disintegrating.

I did find the below picture that shows the floor mid-demolition, though, so you can see what we were dealing with.
2015-05-23 10.25.35

It (very sadly) wasn’t treated wood and was pretty rotten.

2015-05-23 10.26.00

Soooo, in the interest of making the little brick outbuilding into David’s new office, we hired our contractors to put in a new floor.  They put in new support beams/ a new subfloor, and we were already glad to have it no longer be a safety hazard!

2015-08-22 19.08.36

Next our contractor bought and put in some super cool subfloor for heated floors! We decided to go with heated floors because the little brick building used to have baseboard heaters, of which I’m not a big fan, but we wanted some way to heat the little room.  We’ll see how the breeze goes in the summertime when we open the windows… we may end up having to install a little window A/C unit for David to be able to work during July and August!
2015-11-24 11.34.09

Our contractor laid the subfloor and I can’t wait to share with you how it ends up working out!

2015-11-24 11.34.06

I will try to share the next step of the floor project with you soon!  Get excited! If you’re interested, you can check out the same system here on Amazon. And here is a handy guide on how to install it yourself.
2015-11-25 05.40.52