Here’s the layout of the kitchen without having touched a thing (please forgive my rudimentary Paint skills… for whatever reason I have not brushed up on them recently):Old Kitchen LayoutWith a budget of only $9,000, we’re going to try and preserve as much of the original kitchen/ layout as possible.  There are a few things that I am going to change though:

  • Tear out the wall cabinets.  It’s awkward trying to store things in back corners where the doors don’t reach… and they seem overly bulky by chopping up that wall anyway.
  • Get rid of the double wall oven.  It’s actually the only appliance other than the dishwasher (which is to the left of the sink, by the way) that works.  The layout is kind of awkward though.  There’s no counter space near the oven to put a hot cookie sheet, for example.
  • Get rid of the sink and install my exciting splurge– a white farmhouse sink!

Below is the layout of the new kitchen!  As you can see it’s mostly the same with just a few small changes…

New Kitchen Layout

  • I enlarged the pantry with a corner door so I can access the entire interior.  This mean having to chop the cabinets in half to the side but I think I’ll make up for the storage elsewhere…
  • I added counterspace and cabinet storage where the double wall oven previously was.  Instead of just having a stovetop, I will get a stove/ oven combo to use that space more efficiently.
  • The future microwave will go underneath the countertop (crazy, I know!) to free up even more counterspace.  We’ll have to make sure it’s properly installed, of course, but from the research I’ve done it isn’t impossible.
  • In lieu of the wall cabinet by the doorway to the dining room, I will have a built-in wine rack made!  It will go underneath the countertop too.  I’m really excited about this because David and I love visiting local wineries and taking a souvenir (or two) home with us, and it will be fun to collect good wine and fill up our wine rack!
  • I’ll remove the door of one of the upper cabinets by the sink and make it into a built-in plate rack.  I think this adds a lot of country, farmhouse charm that shouldn’t be too expensive!

I wish I could say David and I are going to do all the work ourselves, but unfortunately we don’t know anything about kitchen carpentry.  We’ve hired a local carpenter to make the big changes for us and help us along the way.  He gave us a good estimate, but I’ve always heard kitchens end up costing way more than estimates… keep your fingers crossed ours will stay on (or possibly under!!?!) budget!