Hi friends!  Sorry for the long pause between blog posts.  Baby #2 has yet to make his or her arrival, so David, Evie and I are filling the waiting period with as much family quality time as possible.  We’ve had a lot of fun exploring local attractions (like the Richmond Zoo, cute!) and restaurants (bring on the spicy food) that we otherwise don’t make time for.  That being said, I would LOVE for this baby to come any day now!  But in the meantime, I thought I would share more on the kids’ bathroom renovation.

If you recall, I fell in love with a particular sink made by Kohler called the Brockway sink:


I love its clean lines– it is so simple.  And I love that it has two faucets so two kids can use it at the same time without bickering about the water.

What I don’t love is how it comes unpainted on the bottom in black.  And they’re kind of pricey.

We searched around for a while and weighed the alternatives, but ultimately decided to splurge and treat the kids’ bathroom to one of these beauties.  First of all, I wanted to buy something once and once only– so quality was important.  I trust the Kohler brand and all the reviews I’ve read about the Brockway sink were outstanding.  Second, I wanted a sink I would love instead of one that I’d secretly hope to replace one day with a Brockway sink.  (Have I mentioned I’ve been obsessed with this sink for years?  It’s a SINK!  I don’t know why I love it so much but I just do.)  I don’t have many odd house obsessions but this one certainly qualifies.

When it arrived on our front doorstep, we were pleasantly surprised by how heavy it was.  Talk about a sturdy sink!


Our contractor had experience installing them before so he knew how to support the wall to hold it up.  That just left the fun part to us– painting the black bottom of it!

Since the clawfoot tub in the bathroom is painted Parisian Red by Benjamin Moore, we decided to match it:


…meaning we had to figure out a way to get the base of the sink Parisian Red by Benjamin Moore too.

After a bit of research, I decided to find an oil-based enamel paint.


I wanted a thick paint that would stand up to water and humidity (obviously) and a water-based paint seemed complicated because I’d need to seal it somehow.  So an oil-based one just made sense.


We went to Lowe’s and had them color match it to Benjamin Moore’s Parisian Red.  Too easy!

The first thing we did was thoroughly clean the black part of the sink.  We used old rags and an organic green cleaner— probably unnecessary, but we wanted to anyway.


Next we just… started painting it!  We didn’t really know what we were doing so we just started doing it.


I’ve got to say I was disappointed by how poor the coverage was on the initial coat.  That paint is thick but it wasn’t enough to thoroughly hide the black underneath.


It was hard to get that first coat of paint on– it turned out to be really streaky and thick simultaneously.  Bizarre.


I recommend having lots of good drop cloths handy because that paint was NOT easy to clean up.  I also recommend waiting a while– we put the paint on so thickly that it took probably 2 full days to dry.  We ended up doing 3 coats of paint (2 solid coats and the third was kind of unnecessary but just to be safe).

So… here’s a picture of the sink installed in the bathroom:


Next blog post I will share how it all looks finished– I’m talking with the lighting and the wallpaper and everything all done!


But in the meantime… EEEK!  I’m so excited!  🙂  I love this sink.