We’ve spruced things up in our family room and I thought I’d share what it looks like now:2015-10-04 12.22.04Probably the biggest change is we took our the old bookshelves and dog crates and added a nice green wingback chair given to us from my Aunt Jenny (thanks again, Aunt Jenny!).  Then we moved around the furniture so the sitting area is diagonal instead of parallel to the walls how it used to be.

2015-10-05 06.25.53

2015-10-04 12.22.19


We added some topiaries on the mantle to cover up the exposed wires where we took out the sconces.

2015-10-04 12.23.16

2015-10-04 12.23.27

2015-10-05 03.26.58

Kaiser is a fan of this space now.  I know because he brings his stolen loot into this room to shred it (i.e. a hummus container this morning, don’t know how he found that) and before he used to shred everything just outside of his crate.2015-10-05 03.26.39

2015-10-05 06.25.38

The set-up works a lot better for us this way because it gives Evie plenty of room to play with her toys, plus we can entertain and have lots of people in this room at once.  (Confession: I also like that the couch faces the tv now, although we’ve only utilized that once in the month it’s been arranged this way.)

Small changes but they somehow make a big difference!