We’ve done some more landscaping in the front yard!

Just a reminder of what the front walkway started looking out like when we bought the house in 2013:

We have done a LOT of ripping overgrown things out of the front yard (a lot of which has happened to be poison ivy/ poison oak/ poison sumac, and we didn’t know at the time) and last fall we got to the point where we actually put some plants into the ground.


So we had some beautiful bushes by the house and then a lot of dirt where we planted flowers last fall in preparation for House Hunter’s “Where Are They Now” episode, which was filmed in October.


But then we got really sick of weeding that whole mulchy area, and I didn’t want to plant something expensive/ permanent there because our long-term plan is to create a circular driveway in the front yard anyway and who knows where it will actually be located.

Sooooo, David dug up a bunch of rocks that we found randomly in a circle in the front yard:


This circle used to be full of azaleas that we cut down about two years ago and grass had taken it over.  The grass was covering 99% of the rocks but since David has mowed over it so many times, he knew where to dig to get them out.

And then he created a beautiful rock wall in the front!


(Evie of course was his assistant and made sure he stayed hydrated.)

With grass seed down, I love how it’s turning out, a few months later:


The grass isn’t totally grown yet but we’re getting there.


And in the meantime, it’s already far less work than having to weed the front garden bed all the time.


Riesling and Kaiser approve of the new layout.  🙂


We added a cute little John Deere garden statue that is from the local Ivy Corner Nursery, why not?


I think it’s going to be perfect when the grass is all done growing in, which hopefully happens before it gets too cold this fall.


And… recently (thanks to a need weed whacker) we uncovered another circle of rocks that have yet to be dug up and re-appropriated.  Mwa ha ha.  More landscaping, here we come.  🙂