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Shelves in the Nursery

Shelves in the Nursery

Before little Evie came, we decided we were going to add shelves to the nursery using the brackets that used to be in the doorways downstairs. David cut and sanded four pieces of wood:   And I painted the (previously sanded by David) brackets the same turquoise blue color by CeCe Caldwell that we used for...
Painting a Crib With CeCe Caldwell's Clay Paint

Painting a Crib With CeCe Caldwell’s Clay Paint

  Today I’ll share some more progress with getting the nursery ready and in particular with our crib!  After some wonderful Craigslist finds for our changing table ($20!) and a bookshelf ($50– solid wood!), my mom and I got to work on painting all three pieces for the nursery in CeCe Caldwell’s Sante Fe Turquoise....
Painting a Bookshelf with CeCe Caldwell

Painting a Bookshelf with CeCe Caldwell

Today I thought I’d share my fun project with y’all.  I’ve been so focused on the kitchen since we moved in that I haven’t even gotten to unpack a lot of moving boxes.  (Obviously the kitchen things are still in boxes, but I wanted to unpack some non-kitchen things… like my books!) I decided it was time...
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