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2 New Chickens!

2 New Chickens!

Hello!  Hope everyone is having a lovely Indian summer– we were all outside barefoot after dinner tonight, so amazing.  I’ve been having a hard time lately because yesterday we found out Wilson’s tongue has partially reattached, which explains why he doesn’t have the tongue mobility necessary to eat solid foods (they get stuck on the...
Building a Chicken Run -- A Weekend Project??

Building a Chicken Run — A Weekend Project??

After having chickens for a few months, we started to see both the up- and the down-sides of the little creatures: Upside – they give you tasty eggs (eventually (not that I’m bitter or anything)) Downside – they poop indiscriminately on everything (not that I’m bitter or anything)   So put that nifty little lattice “gate”...
Golden Comet Chickees!!!

Golden Comet Chickees!!!

So on Friday, David and I had a wonderful, awful idea (to paraphrase from the Grinch?  Anyone?)… we took Evie to Southern States, which is having a special where you get 6 chicks for free if you buy a bag of chicken feed. Evie LOVED looking at all the baby chicks and lost her calm for...
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