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Harvesting Our Compost

Harvesting Our Compost

A few weeks back, I shared that something was growing out of our compost bin! We got a lot of suggestions that it might be zucchini or yellow squash, and lo and behold– look what it’s grown into! It’s a weird kind of squash I don’t recall seeing before– like a yellow squash but “pimply”...
Name That Weed!

Name That Weed!

Remember last year when we made our own compost bin for free?  We’ve been faithfully using it and adding leftover fruit and vegetables to it ever since.  A few weeks ago, we noticed something growing in it.  We decided, out of pure curiosity, to let it keep growing and see what happened… and look at...
Building Compost Bins - On a Budget!

Building Compost Bins – On a Budget!

Before we talked about moving out of a city, I barely knew what compost was, so here’s what you need to know – compost is organic matter (think anything from weeds to last night’s salad) which has decomposed and magically turned into fertilizer; ok, it isn’t magic, but that’s an entirely different subject.  Since we...
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