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A Farmhouse Party Fit for a Pig

A Farmhouse Party Fit for a Pig

My sweet little girl turned 4 years old this week– cue the cliches “time flies by” and “they grow up so fast,”– and she requested a party in our backyard that included… Mr. Smee and Tinkerbell.  (I mean let’s be honest… what girl turning 4 wouldn’t want to have real live piglets at her birthday...
KuneKune Piglets!

KuneKune Piglets!

I can’t believe I’m actually able to write a blog post on this because it doesn’t seem real… we just got piglets!  2 piglets!  2 Kune Kune piglets, to be exact! Welcome to the family, Tinkerbell and Mr. Smee! On Saturday, David and the kids and I drove to a Kune Kune pig breeder farm...
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