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PSYCH! ...Or, replacing all the plumbing

PSYCH! …Or, replacing all the plumbing

Remember how David and I said we were done with the half bathroom downstairs? Direct quote: “It certainly feels good to get one room totally done.” Well the universe threw that back in our face when our contractor started working on replacing all of the plumbing this past week… so before we go patting...
I Dream of... Water

I Dream of… Water

My inspiration– what’s been keeping me going this past week– is the knowledge that soon, we will have new pipes, and therefore dependable running water. David has done so much this past week to get us water but he’s just no match for Mother Nature and her sub-freezing temperatures. People say to just leave the...
Installing a New Toilet Made Surprising Easy

Installing a New Toilet Made Surprising Easy

I was actually pretty scared to install my first toilet mainly because the toilet was a mystery to me; I just knew there had to be some overly complicated way that the toilet’s contents made it from the porcelain to the pipe, and if I messed that up, the result would be just awful.  I...
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