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Decking Out the DIY Porch Swing

Decking Out the DIY Porch Swing

With the help of David’s parents, we finally got the porch swing David built me all ready for the beautiful warm weather! First, we took an old twin mattress we had and bought a zippered, . David wove rope through the links to soften the look and we were deciding between the natural rope or...
Hanging the Porch Swing

Hanging the Porch Swing

So the swing is constructed, but there are two problems- 1) it’s unpainted (which apparently isn’t ideal) and 2) it is hard to swing on it when it’s sitting on the floor! Thankfully, I have an amazingly talented wife to help me with problem 1.  Remember, I am the guy who wanted to “just grab...
Porch Bed Swing? ... Porch Bed Swing!

Porch Bed Swing? … Porch Bed Swing!

What in the world is a porch bed swing?  Well, it’s pretty much what the name implies – it’s a porch swing that is made with a twin bed mattress.  Kind of nifty, but not super popular; only a handful of companies actually make sure swings, so we knew if we wanted one, it was...
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