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Retaining Wall! - Part 3

Retaining Wall! – Part 3

CHECK. OUT. THIS. WALL. Y’ALL. I love love love love how this ended up!!!  It protects my beloved boxwoods from eroding, it delineates the yard from the gravel so we won’t have mulch or grass spilling into the driveway, and it really adds some class (I think) to the whole driveway and therefore property overall.  Something...
Retaining Wall! - Part 2

Retaining Wall! – Part 2

Hello everyone!  I hope you’re all having a good week.  Charlottesville weather has been so absurd lately… the weather forecast changes minute by minute on sunshine/ thunderstorms/ sprinkles.  We’re getting a LOT of thunderstorms in our neck of the woods and it’s been far from fun, but I know we had a dry winter and...
Retaining Wall!- Part 1

Retaining Wall!- Part 1

Hi y’all!  Hope everyone’s summer is off to a good start.  Evie finished preschool yesterday and we are loving life so far!  Other than the piglets, we have something else going on at our house: we’ve hired some awesome guys to put in a retaining walls using rocks David dug up from our front yard! ...
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