After being with David for nearly eight years (time flies when you’re having fun!), I’ve learned a thing or two about him.  He uses the word “quite” when he’s trying to be polite.  He laughs really heartily and contagiously when he finds something funny.  And when he thinks something is frustrating or really annoying, he calls it “cute.”

So the other night when I got home from work, he was outside playing with the dogs and told me to go look at the ceiling in the kitchen.  “When I saw it, I thought ‘that’s cute,’ “he said to me.  I knew then it would be pretty bad…

DSC_0311When I first walked in the kitchen, I saw that part of the ceiling had been taken down.  I realized pretty quickly the contractors did it because they were replacing the pipes that ran above the ceiling boards.

Then I looked closer…



I noticed that was a weird floor/ ceiling material…

The bathroom above this area of the kitchen is most certainly a later addition to the house, so maybe at some point in time the ceiling was converted to a floor… by someone who wasn’t entirely certified in construction.

DSC_0314Look closely at the above picture.  Apparently whoever made this ceiling/ floor combo decided to not use floorboards but rather a table without the table legs.  You can’t make this stuff up!  Best part is there is very obvious water damage to the table-floor.  Sweet!

DSC_0315And even better, in the corner we found a live electrical outlet that had been covered up.  Talk about a fire hazard!!!


The good news here: we have not 1) had an electrical fire and 2) fallen through the table-floor.

The bad news: we didn’t quite budget for replacing the upstairs guest bathroom (eventually to become master bathroom) floor.  We weren’t planning on touching that bathroom for 2-4 years and just living with it as is, but now that we see what horrible condition the floor is in, we really need to replace it and at least install floorboards.  Looks like yet another unbudgeted-for project will begin soon?  Hooray!  One thing at a time, though… we’ve already started demo-ing the used-to-be master bathroom to change it into a guest en suite bathroom.  So since we only have one working bathroom right now, we’ll just have to do these projects in baby steps!  🙂