rows of coffee mugs hung on white wall with baskets of k cups hanging underneath

The Cutest Dang Coffee Nook You Ever Did See

Yeah, I said it: the coffee nook we built this weekend is
really stinking cute!

My wife is an absolute genius as far as I am concerned, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.
Here’s how it went down…

blank wall next to coffee makerBEFORE


rows of coffee cups hanging up on wall AFTER


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Am I right or am I right?!

It all started when Lynne was browsing around the web and saw these great hooks and rails made by IKEA.
fintorp-rail__0119153_PE275320_S4 fintorp-hook__0119152_PE275319_S4

The rails are 22.5″ long and she measured the wall in our kitchen by the dining room doorway: 23″ across!  She decided it was a sign that we were meant to hang our coffee mugs on the wall (and by we I mean me).
So we went ahead and ordered four rails, 16 hooks, and two matching baskets to store our K-cups.

*2021 Update: IKEA no longer seems to make these. Here’s a close match we found from amazon:

They also no longer carry the baskets for this set but Amazon does have cute caddies which will do just the trick here:


Doing some rough calculations, e.g. laying some mugs (these aren’t the exact ones we have but they look pretty similar!) on the counter below where they would hang, we decided that we might be able to fit four mugs per rod.

four mugs laying on butcherblock countertop

We found out rather quickly that a job such as this requires two people: one to hold up the rods and the other to say whether it should be higher or lower.

Trust me on this one; it makes things WAY easier in the long run.

What you will need to build your coffee nook:

  1. Rails & Hooks
  2. Baskets
  3. Level
  4. Drill
  5. Trusty Tape Measure
  6. Screws

And of course:

      • Mugs
      • Keurig Machine (we’ve since upgraded to the dual coffee pot/ Keurig option and it’s been awesome having the option to make a pot of coffee when we need it)

    • To fill your Baskets, K- Cups (these are some of our favorites)

  • Small Shop Vac (For easy clean up)

man hanging coffee nook on wall

To begin the installation, we measured where we wanted the bottom rail to be and then used our level to make sure the rail would be straight.  (We found out that the walls are very much not straight, which doesn’t help, but oh well!  Comes with the territory of an 1850 house I guess.)

man holding level up against white wall

…Lynne snapped this one of me pondering IKEA’s decision not to include screws with which to hang the rails on the wall… so we made a quick trip to buy some screws.

man wearing red baseball hat scratching head looking at instructions

Once we had the screws, it was time to do some drilling!  We marked EXACTLY where we wanted to screw the holes based on the rail backing holes.

IMG_2609Once we had the screws in the wall, we could just slip the rail brackets over them.  Too easy.

drilling into x on white wall

We just slipped the rail through the brackets and it was all done!

hanging brackets on screws on white wall


Then it got a little tricker… for the rest of the rails, we had to not only make sure they were level but that they were exactly the same distance apart.  First we played around with the distance til we found one that seemed okay (again, having two people here is key):

hanging coffee cups on white wall

And then we had to measure to make sure they were consistent throughout.

measuring distance between rods on wall for hanging coffee mugs

As it was coming together, Lynne started to become giddy…

coffee mugs hanging up on white wall

The finished  coffee nook product was pretty stinking cute if I do say so myself.  I think it turned out really well!  All for very little time and money!

coffee mugs in nook on white wall keurig on butcherblock countertops


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  4. Hi guys,
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    Hope to hear from you soon!
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  15. looks good! don’t think it would work for me, though; got too many mugs from too many places-which I enjoy drinking out of; couldn’t drink from a generic white mug every day; oh noooooo

    1. Haha well here’s my dirty little secret: we do have a special stash in the cupboard of unique mugs and I have 2-3 that I like to drink from.

  16. The link to the basket is broken. Can you describe it so that I can find it on their site? I searched Hanging Basket but came up empty. Thanks!

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  20. Hi! I was wondering which size hooks you bought from ikea? There are like three different sizes! I would love to do this because I have a collection of cute mugs that are all different and I would love to display them. Thanks!

    1. Hi Alicia! We got the 3″ size. Sounds like a super cute project– love the idea of displaying a collection of different mugs. Good luck!

  21. Hi! I just ordered everything to make this! What size screws did you use since IKEA didn’t include them? Did you use dry way anchors?
    Can’t wait to set this up!
    Thanks for the great idea!

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  27. Love this! Gives me some great inspiration for one of my kitchen walls that isn’t up to hanging anything too heavy. Thank you! Sue at The World of Suzy Homemaker x

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  30. Hello Lynne! I just wanted to say I loved this and used this as inspiration for my coffee bar and it turned out amazing! Thank you very much for sharing this 🙂

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  42. Hi, would you be able to tell me if you think I could shorten the length of the rails? I want to do this but 22″ is to long for my space.

    Thanks, BL

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