A little bit ago, we got an estimate for simply fixing up our pool to make it functional, and as I am sure you guessed, it came back at a whopping $34,000…  Don’t get me wrong, I expected the estimate to be high (say $20-25k), but not THAT high!  I mean, this estimate didn’t even include adding a hot tub, putting in concrete stools / water bar, running a beer tap from the basement, nothin’.

In the next few days of ranting (which my wife graciously put up with), I decided to go on a crusade to figure out exactly what else that kind of money could buy.  So, here we go…


$34,000 can buy:

A Ridiculous Diamond Ring from Unique Royal Jewelry

Yeah, that’s a pretty ridiculous (albeit beautiful) diamond ring.  Maybe I can use this as a compromise for getting my Aston Martin……

A 103″ Plasma Screen TV

Do you feel the need to over compensate?  This this TV is for you…  Honestly, who really needs an 8.5 foot television?  That’s 1.5 feet taller than Shaquille O’Neal!

The Most Bad Belt Sand Ever!

This is probably just the emerging country boy in me, but this seems like a REALLY cool setup. I can already hear the list of things Lynne could want made with this bad boy in the shop.

571 Honey Crisp Apple Trees Sapplings

I do love me some honey crisp apples, so I just had to know how many trees bearing this delectable delight $34k could be.  At 84 trees per acre, this comes out to a 6.8 acre apple orchard!

A Commercial Blast Chiller

You know, just in case we want to start freezing and storing whole sides of beef.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Sofa

This could look great on our new deck over what used to be the pool.

3,500 sq ft Putting Green in our Back Yard

This would more than cover the gaping hole in the ground where our pool used to be.  On second thought, I wonder how much it would cost to turn the pool into the most epic pot-hole bunker ever?  Fun fact: this putting green would actually be 3x bigger than our place in Alexandria!

A REALLY Sweet Tree House

How cool is this tree house?  I mean, it comes with its own freaking tree (kinda)!!  I gotta admit I would play in this thing for hours…although we would clearly buy it for Evie……


Well, I guess that’s the end of my list for now.  I certainly would be interested in anyone else’s observation as to what other cool stuff costs $34,000!