Now that we have no more kitchen floor, we decided to see what other damage we can do to our house.  Figured we’d start with the sun room.  It’s been not much other than a storage room/ project room/ dog room/ mud room to us since we moved in– mostly because it’s always the temperature of the outdoors.  So it’s really only comfortable a few short weeks a year.  Here’s a picture of Liesl and Kaiser just hanging out in it:DSC_0320


A while back, David took apart some of the cutesy arch connecting the kitchen and the sun room.  (Blog post here.)  He decided to see what, if anything, was behind the walls in the sun room.


After a bit of semi-careful digging around with the screwdriver, we found what we’d been afraid of: no insulation.DSC_0375


So there we have it, folks.  A sun room without insulation.  Its roof also leaks.  Oh, and the sliding glass doors going down the back brick steps?  They’ve fallen on my toe before… not exactly the safest.



The stone floor in the sun room also means there’s no heat/ air conditioning going to it from underneath.  So not only is it no insulated, but it’s not heated or cooled.  In the above picture, you can see a wall mounted air conditioning unit that is no longer hooked up to any electricity (was a major fire hazard and we had to un-wire it when Albemarle County came to inspect our electricity before we were allowed to move in last year).

We got a few estimates to put on a new roof, new insulated walls and new door and windows, and another heating/ air conditioning unit like the one in our kitchen… it came out to WAY over our budget.  By about $40k.

So… drumroll please…. David and I have decided to huff and puff and tear the sunroom down!!!  We’re going to have a simple back porch instead.  Yes, it will lower the square footage of our house but we’re here for the long haul and not too worried about resell value right now.  We think we’ll get far more use out of a back porch anyway.  Maybe even screen it in?  Not sure yet.  All I know is I’m excited to get the ball rolling! 🙂