So when we left off, we had the heated subfloor installed in David’s office/ little brick outbuilding.  (Post here.)

Since then, the tile has been laid!!! Check it out!2015-11-25 03.39.36

I decided to do a tile from Home Depot reminiscent of bricks but a whole lot thinner (and cheaper, added bonus!) than bricks.  The main goal here was to 1) allow the heat to go through the tiles and 2) to look like it had always been there.  The idea was a natural look.  Originally I picked out fake wood-looking tiles– they’re all the rage these days, aren’t they?– but it didn’t look right with the cedar walls.

2015-08-22 19.08.18

I decided on a herringbone pattern.  Rows looked boring to me.

2015-11-25 05.40.35

So then our contractor started laying the tile!  I got so excited!

2015-11-25 11.28.11

And here are some pics with grout:

2015-11-28 06.17.33


2015-11-28 06.17.10

It’s all done now but I haven’t taken any official “after” photos.  Did you know after you install a heated floor you have to wait about a month before you can start using it?  Fun fact.  Anyway we’ve moved furniture into the little brick building and I will try and take some pictures after work this week to show you how awesome it is for David’s new office!