A little over a week ago now, our family of three became a family of four when little Wilson was born!

I had been having contractions for about a month before his arrival but they always stopped… needless to say, mentally I was worn out from thinking “this could be it!” every day for weeks and weeks.  I tried EVERYTHING to get the baby to want to come out… acupuncture, acupressure points, chiropractic care, prenatal massage, evening primrose oil, dates, pineapple, breast pump, clary sage essential oil, red raspberry leaf tea, blue cohosh, black cohosh, castor oil on my belly, castor oil mixed with orange juice (yuck), long walks every day, prenatal yoga multiple times a week, lunges and going up and down stairs multiple times a day… if there was an old wives tale out there about getting labor started, I tried it.

But nothing worked until literally the day after I surrendered trying and just decided to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.  I made reservations at the expensive restaurants and spas around Charlottesville and decided that every day past my due date I was pregnant was going to be a special treat to myself.  And of course, Wilson decided to come almost immediately after I finished making all of my appointments!

Start to finish, labor was a little under 3 hours, and it was not intense at all until the last hour.  My mom was coming over to watch Evie for us (so we could go out to an expensive restaurant for dinner) and she came early so David and I could go for a walk.  On the hour long walk, I started having contractions… but since I’d been having contractions every day for weeks, I didn’t really think too much of it… and then right as we approached our house on the way home, I had a big contraction that took my breath away.  That got me excited, even if the contraction only lasted about 30 seconds.  I texted our birth doula, Kelly, and since the contractions were about every 5 minutes apart, she said it sounded like early labor.  I was skeptical since the contractions were so short, plus they felt nothing like the contractions I experienced when I was in labor with Evie, and didn’t really think Kelly was right.

However, David and I decided to head out to Wegman’s (EEEK!  Charlottesville has a Wegman’s now and I’m obsessed) because in the off-chance Kelly knew what she was talking about, I wanted to keep walking around to keep things moving, but it was too cold to stay outside.  We explained to Evie that we may be going to the hospital to meet her baby brother or sister, but we told my mom we weren’t sure if that was actually the plan.  The plus side to going to Wegman’s is that it’s only a few minutes’ drive from the hospital, whereas our house is about 25-30 minutes away.

As soon as we got to Wegman’s, we started walking around the fresh produce aisle when the contraction really got strong.  I would curl over the shopping cart and breathe deeply, determined to get to walk around Wegman’s more.  (Have I mentioned I’m obsessed with this store?) Kelly met us at Wegman’s right as I had another big contraction– I’m pretty sure I scared a lot of shoppers who were there to actually shop– and recommended going straight to the hospital.

Good call on Kelly’s part.  🙂  The 4 minute car ride to the hospital was really intense, and then things got a little foggy… somehow someone met us in the parking garage with a wheelchair, which I remember being a godsend because I couldn’t really walk anymore.  They wheeled me back to Labor & Delivery and took me straight into a room without checking us in– apparently I was already 8 centimeters dilated, and it was less than an hour later when sweet Wilson was born at 7:03 pm!!  David got to announce to the room that “it’s a boy!” and then he immediately added “it’s Wilson!”

Wilson’s birth was crazy fast, almost too fast for me to process what was going on, but it resulted in a healthy, beautiful baby boy, and we got to take him home a day and a half after he was born.

Huge, huge thanks to our doula Kelly who gave me the confidence to listen to my body (finally) and pursue another natural childbirth.  She was amazing, especially in the weeks leading up to Wilson’s birth where I was going crazy, but also in the delivery room when I started doubting my ability to do it.  Having a support network with women from all over Charlottesville in my “village” has made all the difference, and Kelly is a key village member.  Thank you Kelly!

Wilson makes our simple little life in Charlottesville that much sweeter and he’s just over a week old.  I can’t wait to see how his story unfolds and feel so blessed that we get to be his parents. <3