Christmas gift ideas for old house lovers

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for the Old House Lover in Your Life

…and just like that, it’s the Christmas shopping season! I’m excited to share the top 10 Christmas gift ideas for old house lovers. These thoughtful and stylish home gifts will be appreciated by old house owners and enthusiasts, speaking as one myself! (Hint hint…!) I’ve also thought about these for people who used to own a house they loved dearly but for whatever reason no longer do.

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Top 10 Christmas gift ideas for old house lovers

1. Custom Hand Embroidered House Portrait:

While embroidery is “in” right now, I also think it’s never really been “out.” I love the idea of a little sampler of the front of my house. There’s something timeless about it and it’s clearly custom (and clearly charming!). This is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves their old house.

image from Etsy

2. Portable Instant Paint Color Matcher:

I have never used one of these, but boy do I want one! If you’re like me and always thinking about paint colors, this is a cool way to determine the color you like and then be able to match it exactly for your own house. Everyone with an old house at some point has to repaint something and chances are, they don’t know exactly what the original paint color is. It just seems like an exceedingly helpful and handy thing to have!

image from Amazon

3. Custom Wooden House Replica:

Similar to the idea of an embroidered image of your house, you can also find someone to carve a little wooden version of your house! This would be great especially for capturing a house in a moment in time, like with Christmas decorations in front.

image from

4. “House Built” Plaque:

Just about every historic home owner I’ve met is eager to tell you the year their house was built. (In our country it’s definitely a source of pride to have a 100+ year old house, although in other countries I’m sure they’d all laugh at how young our “old” houses are.) Nevertheless, we like to talk about it. Having a plaque by the front door that says when the house was built just gets to do the talking– and perhaps bragging, albeit subtly?– for us.

Image from Etsy

5. Personalized Home Portrait Christmas Ornament:

How sweet is this ornament to hang on your Christmas tree? There’s something so cozy thinking about your beloved home at Christmastime. A handpainted ornament is a great Christmas gift not only because it’s for Christmas but because it’s something that would make the recipient think of you each year when they’re decorating their tree. I try to think of Christmas gifts that let the person know I love them and am thinking about them, and it makes me smile whenever I bring out a special gift like an ornament and remember who gave it to me.

Image from Etsy

6. Birdhouse Version of House:

Okay, this one is not cheap, but if a budget isn’t a concern, then it’s a truly fabulous gift. My grandparents had a birdhouse replica of their farmhouse sitting out in the garden and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world when I was a kid. It would be an incredible gift to give (or receive!) to show off a particularly cool old house.

Image from Etsy

7. Magazine Subscriptions: This Old House, Old House Journal, Country Home, Preservation

Magazine subscriptions about old houses is a fun way to show the person you’re giving the gift to that you recognize their interests! I included links above to some of my favorites, in particular This Old House and Preservation. Preservation is the magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. (Bonus: when you subscribe, you automatically become a member of the organization, which is a neat gift in and of itself).

8. A Sweet Treat of Your House:

Wouldn’t it be fun to see what your house looks like in cookie form? I think this a thoughtful gift for someone who has everything (including a sweet tooth!). I love the idea of a freshly baked cookie custom decorated to look like an old house. Such a sweet present to give… and enjoy!

image from Etsy


9. Custom House Coasters:

These coasters are little but they’re fiercely cute! For a good price you can gift someone coasters with a customized portrait of the house on front.

image from Etsy

10. Custom House Wine Label:

For those of us who believe a good house improves with age, a solid red wine tends to follow the same mindset. For the old house-lover/ wine-lover in your life, a customized wine label is a fabulous gift!

image from Etsy

Stocking Stuffer Bonus!


~Window Opener:

If you know someone with an old house, you know someone whose windows have been painted shut at some point. This tool literally is designed to cut through wood windows that have been painted shut and it’s pretty much genius. It will be used at some point, guaranteed.

~Magnetic Stud Finder:

Same idea here as the window opener: anyone with an old house has done the whole knocking thing to try and figure out where the studs are behind the wall at some point. These magnetic stud finders are simple, cheap, and will come in handy.

~Amazon Gift Card:

Who doesn’t love an Amazon gift card? People with old houses are constantly buying stuff to repair their house, trust me. The older the house, it seems the more panic Amazon purchases (we liken it to having another child). You truly can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card because who knows the next time an old house will have some kind of emergency that necessitates a few Prime delivery purchases. :)


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