1,2,3… DEMO

Not having any idea what we’re doing, we started taking things apart in the kitchen.  The fluorescent lighting in the ceiling only half-worked anyway, so David tackled that first.  We were shocked with how the fluorescent lighting had been wired: using stereo wires held together with silicone caulk coming out of makeshift outlets coming out of old light sockets in the walls.  (You couldn’t make that up if you tried!)  Thankfully David was safe about it and quickly removed the plastic covering– to our delight, we discovered beautiful beams hidden underneath!


Of course, behind the fluorescent tubes the ceiling had been wallpapered.  I would expect nothing less given how much wallpaper is visible in this house– I’m sure each wall will be layers deep!

As David made his way toward the hood, we made another awesome discovery: beautiful intact brick behind the tile backsplash!!






I’m just a LITTLE bit excited about the brick– can you tell?  It’s from the exterior wall of the old dining room chimney– the fireplace is on the other side.  I have no idea how to remove tile cleanly from a brick wall but I am going to research and figure out how… because that would just be stunning and add so much charm.  This is giving me a lot of hope for our overall farmhouse renovation.  Who knows what other cool surprises we’ll uncover as we go?  😉



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