A Greene County Family Farmhouse

Have you ever walked into a farmhouse and felt yourself go speechless because the house is just so sweet? (Come onnnnn I can’t be the only one right?) That happened to me when I visited Paige’s farmhouse just outside of Charlottesville. I took legit 300 photos and I have been struggling with picking out my favorites to share with you over the blog, because each little nook and cranny of this house is just adorable and amazing and should-probably-have-its-own-blog-not-just-a-post but for the purpose of getting on with it, allow me to present… some awesome photos of an awesome classic Virginia farmhouse.

The house was built in 1908 and one of my favorite features is the beautiful woodwork that Paige highlighted by painting everything “Simply White.” The simplicity of her paint choice in most of the rooms allows the beadboard to speak for itself instead of being overshadowed by a color.

I love the details in the staircase. It’s definitely a farmhouse staircase– not meant to be fancy or luxurious with those simple balusters, but a little charming detail with the treads.

From the front porch, the sunny hallway opens into this room to the right that doubles as a dining room/ home office/ homeschooling room. And displays some pretty amazing artwork.

(Yes, those are silhouettes of the family’s three children, their two cats, and Elvis because why not.) And below is a very serious portrait of a very serious Bill Murray because again why not.

One thing I particularly loved was the diagonal beadboard underneath the chair rail. It’s just not something you see in a modern house, even a modern house that’s trying to look like an old house.

The kitchen is in the back of the house; so bright (so much light!!!) yet warm with all of the wood tones. I love the mixture of textures they used like the exposed brick, the metal support beams in the ceiling picked up by the light fixtures above the island and the bar stools, the stainless steel farmhouse sink picked up in the backsplash, and the soft fabrics in the rugs… it all just works so, well.

You can tell just by being in this kitchen that there have been many happy memories made around this island. It’s just full of good, happy vibes. The kitchen opens up to the backyard through sunny French doors.

The family rescued a sweet hound dog, Lucy B., who runs the place including the living room that adjoins the kitchen.

I adore Paige’s sense of style. I love how she combines old with new, and modern with historical. Her living room is inviting and practical for a family with 2 adults and 3 kids to relax.

One of my favorite parts of her house was her hallway, despite the amazing decorating in the other rooms. She carries the white paint upstairs and has a gorgeous modern piece of art hanging on her wall, and an equally gorgeous chandelier hanging from her ceiling. They are not the same and yet they are so perfect together that it would be almost weird if it were any other way.

The most beautiful original doors lead from the hallway to the kids’ rooms upstairs… swoon….

Check out this truly adorable girls room that her daughters share. Everything about this is perfect. Do you know any little girl who wouldn’t love to have this be her room??!?!?!

Equally impressive is how Paige decorated her son’s room:

This room could have a 3 year old or a 19 year old and be ideal for all ages in between. She kept the white walls and added fun striped curtains that pick up the gray tones in the bed linens and my favorite: these legit vintage lockers for storage!

Her son’s bedroom overlooks a pond with a view of the mountains in the background, which is beautiful, but what I also really loved was the view from the pond looking back up at the farmhouse. The views from all over their farm are to die for, honestly.

Every outdoor building on the farm is a beautiful red color that is so historic/ vintage/ farmhousey. The family has a lot going on outside with a huge chicken coop (and farm fresh eggs of course), a barn, a swimming pool, a playground area and a garden area. Below is just one outbuilding:


And how breathtaking is their barn. The setting is just out of a picture book I feel like my kids would read about farms. It’s got everything a barn is supposed to have… red paint, metal roof, mountains behind it, fields beside it, equipment inside and roosters crowing around it.

Paige and her husband (while I was there, he was busy painting the deck on the side of the house that he constructed himself… truly amazing!) have their hands full with such an amazing farm to run and kids to raise. Paige also runs her own Young Living business (you can find her at https://paige.lifestepseo.com if you want to learn more!) as if she doesn’t have enough to do. I’m thoroughly impressed with the way this family functions as a team together and created a home perfect for their family while respecting the history of this sweet 1908 build. Thanks for touring with me, y’all! And thanks to Paige for letting us come see your beautiful house.

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