A Nighttime Visitor

When I arrived home last night, I discovered that we had a guest in our home.

Video of our surprise guest (note: opens in a separate window)

He must have gotten directions from his friend, the flying squirrel.  Unfortunately, his friend visited before we had our cat, Meriwether, so I came home to hearing thuds upstairs as Meri kept leaping into the air to try to catch a bat.  After I ran upstairs, the thuds stopped, and I saw the little bat on the floor lying next to Meri.  Foolishly thinking that our cat had ended the bat’s reign of terror, I tried to pick it up using a plastic bag.  Mistake!  The little bat sprang back to life and began anew to fly around the upstairs hallway.

I tried to open some windows to let the bat out, but they were frozen shut.  Just then, Lynne opened the front door.



“Is everything alright?” she asked after noticing the dropped / spilled bag of groceries by the front door.

“Yeah.  Could you please go outside and play with the dogs?”


“Please go outside and play with the dogs…”

After she went back outside, I went back to the plastic bag method.  So Meri again “stunned” the bat, and I swooped in to grab the little bugger (Meri was quite disappointed she didn’t get to play with her bounty).  I walked outside with the bag in hand, and…

Goodbye bat! (really, really dark but you can get the picture)

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